NEW MUSIC… and tour starts tomorrow!


Oh, hi. So… tour starts tomorrow. And since I have now finished the new Gred & Forge CD “Up To No Good”, I thought I would share one of the songs with you. Here it is, just click the link to hear “Neville Neville”:

Neville Neville


Alright, I’ll see lots of you over the next couple of weeks. Make sure to stop by and get the new G&F cd as well as my new shirt. And there may be a SUPER SECRET CD for sale (cheap!) if you ask nicely. Not wizrock but every bit as nerdilicious.

Time for ice cream,


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3 Responses to NEW MUSIC… and tour starts tomorrow!

  1. Andrew says:


    All the components individually are awesome – guitar, melody/vocals, drums – and it comes together quite nicely. I particularly like the guitar part just after the chorus, that’s really cool.

  2. Angie FN says:

    JARROD! Can your fan in Hawai’i send you the usual tribute and also get a CD? I’m afraid I can’t afford to fly out to the mainland.

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